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Canister Vacuums

Buy a canister vacuum cleaner to make hard floor and specialty cleaning a breeze. Canister vacuums can offer the complete cleaning experience for any household.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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What makes canister vacuum cleaners the most versatile vacuum?

Depending on your flooring, there is a canister vacuum cleaner that fits your needs. If you have hard surface flooring, a simple suction only style canister vacuum is ideal. For users with carpeting, an electric power head style canister is best. They even make canister vacuums that offer both cleaning styles for users with mixed flooring. Understanding the difference between these options can leave users with the ultimate cleaning machine for their flooring type.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister Vacuum
  1. miele classic limited edition
    Miele C1 Classic Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner
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  2. sebo d1 canister vacuum cleaner w kombi nozzle
    SEBO Airbelt D1 w/ Kombi Nozzle
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  3. sebo k2 turbo canister vacuum cleaner
    SEBO Airbelt K2 Turbo Vacuum Cleaner
    was $579.00 Special Price $489.00
  4. cpc-tt carpet pro canister vacuum
    Carpet Pro Tiny Tank Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner
    was $99.95 Special Price $79.95
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Canister vacuums are ideal for customers with hard surface flooring

Users with hard surface flooring should without a doubt own a canister vacuum cleaner. Specialty designed floor tools clean and dust the flooring surface with powerful suction provided by the canister. The lack of spinning brush roll means a safer cleaning experience for your sensitive flooring finishes and also more controlled debris removal. The spinning brush roll often sends dirt flying outside of the suction area. With the suction only floor tools, dirt enters the suction zone with ease. The floor tools are also specially designed to protect your hard wood and other sensitive flooring. Soft bristles and rubber wheels are all that even come close to your flooring. Upright vacuum cleaners often have metal or hard plastics that could potentially be a hazard to your flooring.

Canister vacuum features

Users will experience a much lighter vacuuming experience with a canister style vacuum. In upright vacuums the entire weight of the vacuum is pushed in front of the user. The design of a canister allows for the bulk of the weight to be pulled on wheels behind the users, completely removing the burden of the weight.

The long hose and wands allow for great reaching ability. Whether it is the floor tool or an attachment, the user can extend the light weight extension to the desired cleaning area. The ease of switching between tools could not be easier. Simple snap on and snap off allows cleaning function to be changed.

Less maintenance with canister vacuums

There are some features that make canister vacuums have less maintenance. For the models that only use straight suction, the whole electric power head and spinning brush roll is not a worry. The maintenance commonly needed in vacuum belts and brush rolls are eliminated. Your only major maintenance required will be regular filter and bag change.