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Commercial Vacuums

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

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Commercial vacuum cleaners: Features you should look for

When looking for a good commercial vacuum cleaner you need to understand what makes them different than residential vacuum cleaners. The main difference is durability. Where a residential vacuum might get used a couple times a week, commercial vacuum cleaners are often used daily for extended amounts of time. Durable motors, metal parts and ease of design are features that make great commercial cleaners.

Commercial Vacuums

Commercial Vacuums
  1. Durable Wide Path Upright Vacuum
    Sanitaire SC899 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
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  2. SC888K Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
    Sanitaire SC888 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
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  3. Carpet Pro CPU 2T Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    Carpet Pro CPU-2T Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
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Picking the right commercial vacuum for your needs

Commercial vacuum cleaners come in different styles. Upright, canister and backpack options are offered depending on your needs. Some vacuums have attachments and tools while others do not. Suction and power requirements are also a premium depending on the flooring type and cleaning area required from your commercial vacuum.

Vacuum standards a commercial vacuum cleaner should posses

Metal motors and parts are of most importance. Harsh debris is often picked up in commercial vacuums. Metal motor and parts are able to withstand picking up small nails, paper clips and other foreign objects that could cause problems in residential vacuums. Metal handles and brush rolls are common metal parts found on commercial vacuums as well. These break down far less often being able to take the abuse some residential units cannot.

A strong 3 wire cord is needed in commercial vacuums. These 3-wire cords are required for certain businesses. Not only are these cords more durable, but they have the third outlet prong making them safer. Commercial vacuum cords are usually longer, allowing for a larger cleaning radius.

Ease of usability is a factor. Unlike residential machines, the operator of the vacuums is often changed. Many users will be in charge of using the vacuum. For instance, in a restaurant an employee vacuuming on Friday night is different from an employee that might be vacuuming on Saturday night. In this case you would like a vacuum that is easy to use and easy to empty. If the vacuum is confusing employees will be less likely to properly maintain the machine, leading to breakdowns and improper functionality.

Get a commercial vacuum that fits your needs

Some commercial vacuums have different features that are more suitable for different applications. For use in hotels users might want a commercial vacuum that has tools and attachments and upgraded filtration standards. This will allow for advanced upholstery or furniture cleaning as well as provide high quality filtered air for the hotel guests. If you’re buying a commercial vacuum for warehouse cleaning, you will be looking for extra durability and wide cleaning path. You might not have use for tools but your machine will be picking up larger and harsher debris. The larger cleaning path will help you clean the flooring faster as maneuverability around furniture is not necessary.

You will also need to consider the flooring surface you need to clean. Hard flooring might best be cleaned with a backpack style vacuum that does not need a spinning brush roll. Not only does this style clean hard flooring better but users will be able to cover larger areas with more speed. For hard flooring needs, you should look for an upright commercial vacuum with spinning brush roll. These vacuums dig our dust from carpet fibers with ease.