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Stick Vacuums

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

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Stick vacuum cleaners: What are they good for?

Stick vacuums are meant to compliment a tradition style vacuum cleaner. Small in size, lightweight in design and convenience are the main characteristics of a good stick vacuum. Ideal for quick pick up jobs stick vacuums allow users to quickly remove smaller debris from their flooring without the burden of dragging out their full size vacuum cleaner.

Stick Vacuums

Stick Vacuums

What are the differences in the stick vacuums available?

Features you want to look are: battery or corded, length of battery life, spinning brush roll or suction only, filtered or non filtered and dust cup or bagged. Finding the correct combination of these features will make your stick vacuum a great compliment to your home.

Cord less vs corded stick vacuums: pros and cons

Cordless style stick vacuums give users a cleaning tool not held back by the restrictions of a cord. When removed from their charging station the stick vac can be used freely and effectively anywhere the user chooses. These vacuums are ideal for home owners with open spaces or restaurants, places where plugging the unit in is inappropriate or not possible. With the drastic improvements made in battery technology, these vacuums can run a long time while providing excellent suction and cleaning ability. For quick and convenient cleaning there is no better option.

The downfalls of cordless models are that batteries will eventually wear out causing loss of power or a reduction in run time. Also battery powered stick vacuums never quite have as much suction or power as one that is corded. Even though great improvements have been made to batteries, this is still the case in stick vacuums today. Corded stick vacuums are still extremely light weight, easy to store and great for quick cleaning tasks. The cord means longer cleaning times are possible and no charging station is required during storage.

Spinning brush roll stick vacuums: why they are better for pet owners?

Many stick vacuums have spinning brush rolls. This is an important feature for users with area rugs, or carpeting. Pet hair and other debris can easily be snatched up by the bristles. On hard flooring these brush rolls can be turned off allowing for straight suction cleaning. The brush roll makes the stick vac more versatile on all flooring types. For households with pet hair, it is a must to purchase a version with the bottom spinning roll.

Maintenance of your stick vacuum

No matter if your vacuum has bag or dust cup, your stick vacuum will last longer if you do not over fill them. For the bagged stick vacuums, remember to change the bag when it gets full. Not doing so can cause motor damage and failure. For dust cup models the same rules apply, before the cup gets stuffed with garbage, empty it so your stick vac has a chance to breather properly.

Filter change can also help your stick vacuum. Not only will your vacuum be able to clean more effectively but the motor will be able to breather properly allowing for increased longevity and suction power. The filter itself also traps finer dust particles that get picked up by your vacuum. Replace of clean them regularly to ensure those particles are not being released back into your home causing airborne dust pollution.