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Upright Vacuums

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

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Upright vacuum cleaners: America’s favorite kind of vacuum

Upright vacuum cleaners are the most popular model of vacuum cleaner in America. For both commercial and residential use, the upright style vacuum cleaner provides durability, versatile cleaning and extreme ease of use. Just plug your vacuum in, flip a switch and watch dirt get plucked up from your flooring. Simple and effective.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Features of upright vacuums

The way upright vacuums clean is much different that their counterpart, the canister vacuum. The whole unit is pushed in front of the user. The spinning brush roll not only cleans but actually helps propel the machine forward. Users do not have to worry about pulling around a canister section of the vacuum that can often be a burden.

Most upright vacuums come with a hose, wands and tools. These give users the ability to use the machines suction in the palm of their hands instead of the bottom of the machine. This means upholstery, drapes, countertops, stairs, and countless other applications can be deeper cleaned.

Bets uses for upright vacuum cleaners

The design of upright vacuums is truly made for carpeted flooring. The spinning brush roll on the bottom of almost all upright vacuum cleaners provides users with the ultimate carpet cleaning tool. Stiff bristles on the brush roll remove dirt and debris from fibrous flooring where vacuums that only use suction sometimes struggle. Most upright models also come with on board tools. When attached to the end of a hose and wand these tools can help users clean furniture and other specialty areas.

Bagged and bag less upright vacuum cleaners: Pros and cons

The new trend in upright vacuum cleaners is bag less options that use a dump out dust cup to trap dust instead of the traditional disposable vacuum bag. Bag less vacuums are good for users who clean extremely often and are constantly picking up large amounts of debris. These style vacuums are found to be more convenient for those who do not like to change vacuum bags but don’t mind constant emptying of the dust container. Finally users can see the dirt that is getting picked up and removed from the flooring. This gives users piece of mind and proof that quality cleaning is taking place.

Vacuums that have a bag are usually more hygienic. Users do not have to empty out a dust cup full of dirt which releases a bunch of airborne pollutants into your homes air. Bagged vacuums do not require constant maintenance of filters. Bag less vacuums will drastically loose suction when their filters become full of dirt. Higher filtration can be achieved in bagged vacuums. Quality cloth HEPA bags and better air tight sealed housing makes air quality released by your vacuum much better in most bagged vacuum models.

Common maintenance suggestions for upright vacuum cleaner owners

Users should change their vacuum bags or filters with regularity. This will not only help maintain higher filtration standards but can increase the life span of your vacuum motor.

Belts replacement is a common problem on upright vacuum cleaners. All upright vacuum cleaners use a vacuum belt that attaches to a drive shaft and loops around the brush roll. Most vacuum belts are made from rubber and will stretch out over time or even break. Best practice here is to replace the vacuum belt regularly for the maximum brush roll effectiveness. Vacuum belts are usually very inexpensive and well worth regular change.

Keeping your brush roll clean of hair is also something can save your money and headaches. Hair gets wrapped around the brush roll and can eventually bind up the spinning ability when melted in the bearings. Users should cut and remove hair from the brush roll as much as possible.